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In this article, we would get to comprehend the CBA which is a Centre for bio Pharma analysis. We will look up its bioanalytical services and what are the reasons which make CBA The Best service provider of bioanalytical services in India. 

About CBA 

CBA (Centre for bio Pharma analysis ) offers a large portfolio of ISO 17025 accredited methods with its unmatched experience it has developed a robust and sensitive assay to support your needs related to clinical and epidemiological studies in compliance with GLP, GCP.

 Its data were used to benefit numerous regulatory agencies CBA uses multiple bioanalytical methods for the susceptibility assessment and bio maker identification .when it comes to the bioanalytical services only a few suppliers can match its mastery and achievements of Life Science services

India’s best bioanalytical service provider CBA can serve Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes with a huge range of tests of drugs development at both levels whether it is a preclinical and clinical stage. 

To maintain and retain its reputation as an industry Pioneer they have actively sought the assay development and validation of some of the more innovative of these bio makers with its clinical team.

List of services offered by CBA 

  • Cell-Based bioassays
  • Immunogenicity
  • Metabolite profiling
  • ADMC 14C 
  • Method transfer, development, optimisation and validation
  • PD bioanalysis
  • PK bioanalysis

List of innovative techniques used by CBA ( centre for biopharma analysis) 

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Immunochemistry
  • UPLC technology
  • Automated sample preparation using turbulent technology

Every service which the centre of bio Pharma analysis offers is overseen by highly skilled and trained analysts. CBA is considered as a leading inspection, verification, testing, certification company and each client receives the same high standard service no matter what their size is. 



 CBA and its team are very experienced; till now it has worked with over 200 pharmaceutical companies around the world because of its stringent quality norms and transparency at all stages CBA is considered to be a preferred partner for many pharmaceutical companies.

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