Bluegeekhosting Review - The Best Hosting Service Provider in India

Bluegeekhosting Review – The Best Hosting Service Provider in India

Any Web site cannot succeed without receiving the best hosting services. Ensure that the hosting company such as Bluegeek you choose has all of the essential services and features you need, possesses excellent customer service, and guarantees 99.99% uptime for your website. Here are The Best Hosting Service Provider in India.

Bluegeekhosting Review - The Best Hosting Service Provider in India
Bluegeekhosting Review – The Best Hosting Service Provider in India

Below is a checklist you can use to search for the best web hosting service:

1) No setup charges

Depending on the hosting company, step fees are charged just to get your account up and running. Steer clear of these providers. The company you choose should not require you to buy hosting in order to start.

2) At least 2 gigabytes of bandwidth is required.

Even if you don’t have traffic right now, you should be working on good traffic in the future, even if your site is brand new. You are allowed to show your website to a certain number of visitors depending on the amount of bandwidth you have. In most cases, two gigabytes is more than enough to meet the needs of a Web site. Anything less is unacceptable. This amount is offered even by the cheapest web hosting companies.

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3) A disk space quota of at least 50 MB is required.

It is a measure of how many hard drives your site consumes on the host’s server. As a starter site, you should have a minimum of 50 MB available. There is definitely enough disk space for most people, particularly those who do not intend to host a lot of pictures or videos. Do not settle for any less, however.

4) Just the basic plan.

It shouldn’t cost much more than $10 a month if you pick a basic plan and no more than $70 if you choose a premium plan. You aren’t paying enough if you spend more than this. The actual amount of disk space and bandwidth on the Web is becoming a commodity now. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can get everything you need. Next, I want to clarify something.

5) Technical support.

In the event that you encounter technical issues with your hosting account, you should be able to contact your host 24/7 by either phone or email. Your hosting account must be able to address any problems immediately when they arise since the Internet doesn’t sleep. It must offer you round-the-clock technical assistance.

6) Website hosting services.

A 99.99% uptime history is required for your hosting Web service. Whenever a business has been around for less than five years or has a spotty record, you should look somewhere else.

7) Control panel

An integrated control panel needs to be available on the backend of your Web hosting account. Within this area, you can edit email addresses, manage files, upload software, use FTP, and many other website-related functions. It is essential to have a control panel. The Webmaster’s life is made much easier with one.

8) Database

The software you choose should include at least five email accounts, a good statistics counter, and at least one MySQL database, so you can set up features such as blogs and membership areas on your site.

9) Disk Space

In order to grow and expand your site as it gets more popular, you should be able to switch to a better plan easily with more space and/or bandwidth. Correct?

After you have gone through the above checklist test with the Web hosting company you are considering, you should be confident about purchasing a plan from them. We’ll handle the hosting of your site, so you can concentrate on the things that are more important, such as getting visitors to your website.

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