Do you provide web hosting?

Do you provide web hosting?

There are many options when it comes to choosing a Cheap Web Hosting India package. It’s essential to understand your needs to choose a company that can provide what you want. There are many packages, prices, terms, conditions, companies, and countries vying for your business. Learn Do you provide web hosting?.

Do you provide web hosting?
Do you provide web hosting?

Below you will find a description of the different types of Web Hosting options available on the market – what they all are and what they’re suitable for. To simplify things, we’ll follow Dave*, a budding web entrepreneur who is just getting his feet wet in the world of web hosting.

Free Web Hosting

There are many types of Free Hosting, and although the adage ‘you get what you pay for doesn’t quite apply – since you are getting something, after all – Free Hosting is not recommended for anyone with any aspirations to build a severe site. It would be evident to say that we offer Web Hosting, wouldn’t it? One thing to consider about Free Hosting is that someone has to pay for it, and two is what happens if something happens.

It is often the case that advertisements on your site will pay for your Web Hosting. Because that is how the Web Host makes its money, they will likely be equally as interested in getting you to use their service to have more advertisements. Second, do you think you will get good support from a company that offers you a free service? Are there any guarantees regarding the reliability or security of your Web Hosting?

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Free Hosting is also available from various Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Broadband and Digital TV providers. As they are attached to reputable (healthy) companies, they should provide support, making them better options. The Hosting is an enticing additional service paid for by their other service – remember that. Support may also suffer when a company specializes in other products and services.

Some companies, such as Blogger, offer you a free online space (in Blogger’s case, it is a free blog). In any case, you won’t be able to expand your site or have your domain name. You can only use the templates they give you, and you won’t be able to choose your domain name. Make sure you go for Free Hosting only if you are entirely sure that the company will be able to fulfill your needs. Free Hosting is not recommended for any business-related website!

Dave was given some Free Hosting as part of the deal with his Internet Service Provider. Before now, Dave had never made his website or used any Web Hosting service. He has an interest in the subject but finds it a bit daunting. Nevertheless, he manages to build a primary, personal site without too much trouble. The free hosting provider does not provide him with any databases with WordPress. His ISP does not allow him to upgrade his account since Hosting is part of his package and free. 

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the most widely used kind of web hosting. The company rents out a portion of the server to its customers so they can share a portion of the server with another customer. As a result, a server may be hosting several hundred websites simultaneously.

There are many benefits to shared Hosting. It is the cheapest commercial hosting form because many customers can use it simultaneously and offset the server’s costs. To use them, you don’t need advanced technical skills. You only have to maintain your account; at no point are you responsible for the server. Because this is a paid solution, you will have access to customer support, an agreement, uptime guarantees, etc.

It is a disadvantage, however, that you will have to share the resources of that server with other clients. If more than one customer is using the server, if a Web Host has put too many customers on the server, or if the server itself isn’t particularly fast, then the server, just like a home PC, has limited memory, CPU, and disk space.

Many features you can’t find in higher-end Hosting are also unavailable with shared Hosting. As you cannot know how secure your ‘neighbors’ are, there is a slight increase in security risk, but keep in mind that the server will be very secure in the first place, so it is not worth worrying about.

As a result, Dave starts with an introductory Web Hosting package, including limited web space and a database. Having installed WordPress and started blogging seriously, he decided to become an online business owner. His basic account includes a Web Design Company building him an eCommerce site with a blog built in as part of the package. Rather than worry about limits like he had with the ISP, he finds he can quickly expand his store as it grows.

Most sites and users can benefit from shared Hosting. The only people who require anything else are those who wish to own their server and control its contents. As is the case for many people, Dave is pleased until he decides to quit his day job and turn his eCommerce website into a full-time business. 

Hosting for resellers

Several kinds of Web Hosting services fall under the term reseller hosting. The term isn’t intended to define the type of Web Hosting offered but instead of the person who offers it.

Resellers buy larger Web Hosting accounts from Web Hosting companies and then sell parts of their accounts to their clients. By providing this service, they are essentially providing the benefit of a Web Hosting service without having to set up, finance, and maintain all the expensive hardware. Several types of Web Hosting firms offer this service, among them start-up businesses, companies with a lot of websites, and Web Design firms looking to provide Hosting to their clients.

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