How to Don't Let Your FRIGHT Make You Weaker

How to Don’t Let Your FRIGHT Make You Weaker

In the end, we have nothing to fear except fear itself. A nation facing multiple American deaths from a deadly war was inspired, motivated, and provided hope by Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s famous words. Additionally, they hold for each individual to become the best he can be! However, instead of letting our fears and FEAR, many of us stand in the way by proceeding forward with a realistic but positive attitude rather than leading with our strengths and capabilities. Learn How to Don’t Let Your FRIGHT Make You Weaker.

How to Don't Let Your FRIGHT Make You Weaker
How to Don’t Let Your FRIGHT Make You Weaker

You can control their perception, actions, and self-confidence by dominating them!

It is clear that negative – type, attitudes are harmful and non-productive, yet, they are often considered the path of least resistance because they seem to come quickly to you! As a result, this article attempts to explain what this means, what it represents, and why it is essential to use the mnemonic approach.

1. Fear/ facts/ future/ fruition/ faith/ fate

The best way to handle fear and facts, even if they seem unpleasant and challenging, is to face them head-on, regardless of how difficult it might seem. Only then can we move forward most efficiently and have confidence in finding the best solution and course for the future. Your fate is up to you. Write your own story instead of accepting someone else’s, which might be more beneficial to others than you!

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2. Relevant/ relevant/ rational/realistic

The most beneficial approach is to proceed realistically in the long term! Understanding your rationale can ensure that your perceptions and beliefs are valid. It is imperative to determine if your chosen process is appropriate to your actual personal needs, priorities, and perceptions!

3. Imagination/ integrity/ and innovation 

When the same – old, same – old is not the best path to success, are you going to maintain the integrity to hold to your highest ideals, pursue ideas, develop a well-considered, imaginative vision, and innovate?

4. Gradual growth

An individual who seeks the highest level of personal, productive, and relevant growth understands that attaining the best goals takes patience, endurance, and consistency to ensure a step-by-step, gradual development!

5. Mental/emotional wellness

It is usually best to maximize one’s ability to use logical and emotional reasoning skills as a balance of head and heart when maximizing one’s ability to heal and live a better life.

6. Reliability/ time-tested/ timely/ trends 

If you want to earn your truth consistently, you will have to tell it to yourself! To take advantage of an appropriate trend, they need to take well-considered, timely action – accompanied with the knowledge gained from fully understanding potential lessons learned, in a means that has been tried and tested and also having an open – mind. Times change, and taking advantage of the most appropriate trend is essential!

Do you think we wouldn’t benefit more from allowing our FEAR to control us rather than allowing it to control us? Could you take responsibility for your actions?

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