How to Fix Your iPad Screen

How to Fix Your iPad Screen

If you own an Apple iPad, you are aware that you cannot afford to get the screen repaired, and the iPad itself is not cheap. You are amazed to learn that Apple’s one-year warranty does not cover accidental damage. If your screen is badly cracked, be prepared to whip out your credit card. The following are important things to understand and know about an Apple iPad screen repair. Here’s How to Fix Your iPad Screen.

How to Fix Your iPad Screen
How to Fix Your iPad Screen

Have Apple handle it

Those with AppleCare can replace their iPad screens at a pretty reasonable price if they have this facility. A two-year subscription to AppleCare costs $99, and Apple offers it. You can get it for $49, and it covers 2 accidental damages to your Apple device. AppleCare is not required to replace the iPad screen so the cost will range from $199 to $599, depending on the iPad model. You can send the iPad through shipping if you cannot visit Apple.

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Let another party repair.

The iPad screen can also be repaired using other options. For example, you can get the damaged screen replaced at any iPad repair shop. You will lose your warranty if you choose to have your iPad repaired by a shop that isn’t an Apple partner. The screen needs to be fixed in these shops if you are not under warranty. Check the shop’s experience in repairing the devices and that it has quality parts. You don’t have to sell your iPad instead of going to the repair shop to fix your screen.

Avoid DIY repairs.

Unless you possess the required knowledge and expertise for repairing Apple products, you should not attempt to repair the screen or any other part of your device by yourself. Remember, though, that you must first purchase a replacement kit if you want or must attempt to replace your touchscreen yourself. You will need to spend $30 to $400 on this. To repair the screen yourself, you must first spend a couple of bucks.

It’s no big deal

You can protect your screen with a glass protector if you have little money or do not want to go to the repair shop. It will only help if you have minor cracks in your screen. Although it won’t look great, you will be protecting your iPad screen if you do this.

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